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Desi Murgi business idea. Poultry farm

Poultry farm

The land of a poultry farm should not below at all, only slightly elevated and slightly sloping lands are suitable for a poultry farm. A sloping type of land for ventilation and drainage is best for a poultry farm. If the south side of the house is fenced or surrounded by nets, it will not be difficult to get air and air. Baby chickens, young chickens, or laying hens should not be allowed to enter any lorry, truck, van, or any other type of vehicle near the house. You should not enter those houses even with your feet in your shoes. The living quarters of chickens, chickens, young hens, and chickens must be air-free. If the house is crowded and damp, it is a hindrance to physical nutrition and can easily be attacked by germs and parasites.

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Farm Information:

Name Nizam Uddin
Farm category Animals
Bron-1 Poultry farm
Bron-2 Coyle
Incubator All animals
Contact Number 01817-780763
District feni
Village Uttara gobindpur ,adarsa gram

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