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New Agrobangla Feed mill, Secret voice BD

From New Agrobangla Feed Mill you will get quality feed and mass food of ducks, fish, and cows from now on.

⏩Duck fits

  1. Duck Layer stator
  2. Layer grower
  3.  Duck Layer layer-1
  4. Layer layer-2

⏩ Fish fits

  1. Fish Special Sonali nursery-1 ( Mash)
  2.  Special Sonali nursery-1 (Blanket)
  3.  Special golden stator
  4. Fish Special golden tilapia grower
  5. Special golden pangas tilapia grower.
  6. Silver carp grower

⏩Cow fits

  1. Cattle feed (fattened)
  2. Cattle feed (dairy)

⏩Pigeon mix factory


The new agro-Bangla feed mill was founded in 2015, with a commitment to produce and market animal feed products of high-quality standard and absolute hygiene to the farmers.

Name: New Agrobangla Feed Mill

Address: Sonagazi Road, between Battala and Kalghar, Feni Sadar Feni.

Mobile: 01715-449131

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