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Nasir Hossain .Tamima is still my wife – Rakib.call record

Nasir Hossain VS Rakib call record

  • Nasir of the Bangladesh cricket team is being discussed and criticized all over Bangladesh. Everyone is saying that Nasir has done a bad deed and has done a heinous deed. Nasir is currently claiming to be his wife and is married but the truth is that Tony is still someone else’s wife. There was no separation between them. How can a dancer do this? Tamima Sultana’s current husband’s name is Rakib Hossain. He spent a long time as husband and wife with Chen Rakib Hossain. Married at the rate of one era, i.e. 12 years of domestic life.
  • Tamima Sultana and Rakib have a beautiful eight-year-old daughter. Meanwhile, Nasir has been talking to Rakib Hossain for a long time. One of their call records went viral through John. Nasir Hossain said all the words that Rakib Hossain said by calling Rakib Hossain, Rakib Hossain admitted those words in his own words and explained them in his own words.
  • Nasir called Rakib Hossain and greeted him nicely. Rakib Hossain replied to Salam, then said who are you? Nasir Hossain replied I am Nasir. Rakib Hossain still did not know that he was a cricketer Nasir. Rakib said that no Nasir. The reason is that a popular Bangladeshi cricketer can never expect to be called to the common man. When Nasir gave full details of his identity to Rakib Hossain, then Rakib Hossain will be able to recognize Nasir. Then Rakib Hossain asked why he called? In reply, Nasir Hossain said, “Did you file a GD against Tamima Sultana?” In reply, Rakib Hossain said yes. Rakib Hossain explained the reason for GD, he did not know that his wife is from Bangladesh. He was at his home on 15 February. When his friend came to show the video, he found out that Rakib Hossain had married his wife to someone else. Tamima Sultana marries someone else without any notice and without any kind of divorce. She was forced to do this. Nazir Hossain said they had sent divorce papers. However, Rakib claimed that no notice was received. Then Nasir Hossain said you don’t want Tamima Sultana to be happy. Hearing this, her ex-husband said, “Yes, I want to.” But what he was doing was severing the relationship with me and then doing it. Bangladesh is a Muslim country. There are some rules in this country. We can’t do anything outside of that. How can a Muslim do something that is not legal in our religion? When her friends started asking her when they got divorced, she felt bad. However, Rakib Hossain was upset when his mother asked him where his daughter was crying.

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