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Raising Ducks for free by eating snails

Raising Ducks for free by eating snails.

The problem of unemployment will not be solved only if educated youths get involved in jobs. Even if we focus on agriculture, revolutionary changes will take place in the country. In the same way, you can also show something new by focusing on agriculture. You can arrange another person’s job. You can also focus on agricultural work without wasting time on the job. Through it, you will be able to change your own life very quickly.

Bangladesh is a riverine country. Three-fourths of the land in Bangladesh is water in every house in the village one can see ducks in every house and rows of ducks are sitting on and Rows and rows of ducks sit on the banks of each pond. At present, the educated youth of Bangladesh have started commercial duck farming.

Today I will try to tell you how to make free food for ducks. Snails are the best for free food. Today’s plan will include how to cultivate snails very easily. Snails are a favorite food of ducks and the nutritional value of snails is much higher. We can make snails with much less effort. At the same time, your profit rate will be much higher if you can feed your duck snails.

Duck Free Food 1st step

  • To create a snail, you must first select a pond. The edge of the pond should be good so that water cannot enter the pond from outside. The pond should have 2 features. The first feature is that the depth of the pond should be 3 to 4 feet and the second feature is that it is better if the volume of the pond is 15 to 20 percent. However, even if less, there is no problem. And the bigger the pond, the more your snail farming will be.

Duck Free Food 2nd step

  • All you have to do is for every cent. And the amount of medicine you have to use.
  1. 1 kg of khail .
  2. 1 kg dung.
  3. 250 g urea fertilizer and
  4. 250 g TSP fertilizer.
  • These amounts should be sprinkled in the pond three times.

Duck Free Food 3rd step

  • The number of ingredients to be given on the first day.
  1. 333 grams of khail.
  2. 333 g dung6
  3. 3 g urea fertilizer and
  4. 63 g TSP fertilizer.
  • After considering the pond, the above ingredients should be mixed in good water and soaked for four to five hours. Sprinkle the mixed water well in your pond. Just three days after giving water, mix the medicines in the same way and give it to the water. In this way, it should be given three times in the pond. This will prepare the pond for snail cultivation.

Duck Free Food 4th step

  •  The water will turn green in a few days after completing the course. Then you need to collect some small snails from anywhere. And it should be sprinkled well in the pond. After sprinkling, snails will be suitable for feeding ducks in 40 to 45 days. In this way, you can make the duck suitable for eggs at a low cost.

If you want to watch the video on snail Farming.
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