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Rules for making duck food or Amount of food by age

Rules for making duck food:

According to the human diet, the poultry diet should also have 6 ingredients.

  • The elements are –
    Non-vegetarian. Sources of meat: Fish powder, snails, oysters, etc.
  • Sugars. Sources of sugar: Wheat, paddy, wheat bran, rice husk, etc.
  • Affection or oil. Sources of oil or fat: Sesame or other oils, mustard, etc. Salt or mineral products. Sources of salt or minerals: Even if the amount is low, the following ingredients should be present in the food. Salt: 0.5 percent. Calcium and Phosphorus: Needed for bone formation and eggshell formation. Source: Oyster powder, bone, and fish powder. Vitamin D is needed to absorb calcium phosphate from the blood. Other minerals like manganese, iron, iodine, copper, cobalt, etc.
  • Vitamins. Sources of vitamins: Vitamins in powders such as MBavit, Superfek G, green vegetables, fish oil (source liver oil), etc.
  •  Water.

Rules for making a balanced diet of ducks:

Name of the food Amount of food (as a percentage)



Wheat bran


Rice husk


Sesame husk


Fish powder


Crushed oysters







100 Kg

Amount of food by age:

One week diet of khaki Campbell duck (one duck) according to the age of confinement-

Duck age ( as a week )

A week’s food for a duck. (As kg)

Up to 1 week 110-115 grams
Up to 2 week 250-255 grams
Up to 3 week 425-450 grams
Up to 4 week 620-640 grams
From birth to one month Primary food
Up to 5 week 720-730 grams
Up to 6 week 770-780 grams
Up to 7 week 785-790 grams
Up to 8 week 790-795 grams
From birth to two months Primary food
Up to 9 week 690-700 grams
Up to 10 week 730-740 grams
Up to 11 week 760-765 grams
Up to 12 week 760-765 grams
Up to 13 week 600-610 grams
Up to 14 week 610-610 grams
Up to 15 week 630-640 grams
Up to 16 week 710-715 grams
Up to 17 week 615-620 grams
Up to 1 week 660-665 grams
Up to 1 week 665-675 grams
Up to 1 week 745-750 grams
From birth to 5 months Adult food

Amount of meat in the Duck diet :

Baby Food (From 1 day to 2 months) 20 percent (as a percentage)
Growing Baby (Up to 2-5 months) 18 percent (as a percentage)
Laying Ducks (over 5 months ) 16 percent (as a percentage)
For Breeding egg-laying Ducks 18 percent (as a percentage)

Food ingredients

Amount of meat



Supplied Ingredients (k.g)


Amount of  meat obtained

Wheat 12 40 4.8
Wheat bran 12 15 1.8
Rice husk 14 20 2.8
Sesame husk 30 12 3.6
Fish powder 50 5 3.0
Crushed oysters 7.25
Salt 0.50
Vitamins   0.25
100 kg mixture 16 % egg laid Duck food

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