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Duck farms do not have any kind of loss. Duck farming

Duck Farming

  • The fact that there is no risk in the duck farm can be said to be one hundred percent true. The only reason is that everything can be called profit. Nowhere is there the slightest chance of being lax in any way. Even if the farmer is extremely negligent, the smile does not die. It survives in a hostile environment by eating half a stomach and not even eating for a few days. Bodyweight increases, laying eggs again. However, the size of the egg is reduced. The body becomes a little weaker and the rate of laying eggs decreases. If they graze all day and the householder gets a little cut and leftovers, then they lay their eggs. All classes of ducks have this special quality, which means that even the advanced ducks, including the native ducks, can survive by fighting in various adverse conditions. It is a matter of great confidence to any animal husbandry farmer. But in the case of rearing other animals, if this is the case, there is no other way but to bear the extreme loss of the farm.


  • This is one of the aspects of raising ducks. There is no risk in keeping ducks, the second reason or aspect is that as long as they live, they are not affected by any particular disease. Only three or four types of improved or hybrid ducks are at risk of rage. In that case, if the vaccine is given in time, the farmer can be completely free from worries about the disease. If there is an attack of rage on the farm, it does not take a serious shape in any way. But in the case of keeping chickens, the picture is completely opposite. The reason is that if a farmer keeps broiler chickens including laying hens, he has to be vaccinated against about fifteen deadly rages from the day after birth. It costs a lot of money. In this way, even with money, the farmer does not get relief. Sudden onset of rage on the farm. All the chickens on the farm die if the treatment is slightly delayed. However, it becomes ineligible to lay eggs while alive. So one can benefit by keeping such chickens. But there is no risk in keeping ducks.

Ducks benefit more from chickens :

  • If we compare the laying of eggs again, we can see that an improved breed of hen lays eggs when it is six months old. But the female duck continues to lay eggs. Only four and a half months old. So the income of the farm starts from that time. Since chickens are confined, they eat more than ducks and the price of food is also higher. If the ducks are kept in complete confinement, then the farm is for food. The cost is about half that of chicken. Moreover, the price of duck food is quite low. In the beginning, the farmer has to spend a lot of money on the hen house. Electric light is a must. Again, if 100 laying hens are reared, one worker is required. Because chicken all day from morning. Is to attend. In the case of duck habitat, even if the chicken does not make such arrangements. Smile well if the wall is made of a thatched roof, earthen wall, or even dharma. Can be observed. There is no need for electric lights. Only foxes, snakes, and ducks should be allowed to enter the duck house at night. Because when this type of animal enters their habitat, the ducks get very scared. And when they are scared, they stop laying eggs. This situation has been going on for seven.

Duck take-care:

  • Even if you keep a large number of ducks, the keeper can do a few things by himself. The work includes cleaning the feces and urine from the floor of the house in the morning, giving an adequate amount of food and clean water to complete the work throughout the day. Because they will graze from then until evening. And there is no other work except giving food and water once in the evening. According to the hen, the female duck does not lay eggs all day. Some of which lay eggs in the morning of laying. If their stool is found in the eggs only, they have to be cleaned and taken to the market for sale. If there is a need to boil the eggs and oil the baby, then the fertile eggs should be selected and kept separately in a cool place. The ducks (improved breeds) that are reared in complete confinement do not want to graze on the left side of the pond. Wander around in a slightly enclosed space in front of the residence. So at noon, they have to give a little food. Then there is no more work, so there is no risk or hassle. There is very little to work on again. No animal or bird can be reared with less capital. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. It is not possible for many people to tolerate that. But it is also possible in the case of ducks and if you start a farm with eight to ten ducks, it is possible to own 150 duck farms in a very short period of time.

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