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Mint leaves

Mint leaves,The gift of nature,God.Secret voice Bd.

The gift of nature

Mint is a common weed type of tree. The stems and leaves are quite soft. The color of the stems is purple, the color of the leaves is green. The leaves of this small shrub are ovate, the edges of the leaves are grooved and fragrant. The leaves are slightly hairy and have a strong mint odor. The whole plant including the roots, leaves, and stems of mint leaves is full of medicinal properties. Mint is grown in many countries of the world. Its leaves are used in cooking as perfume

Mint leaves

  • Some benefits of mint leaves

  1. Increases digestion power.
  2. Eliminates mouth discomfort and gas problems.
  3. Antibiotics work to prevent any skin infections.
  4. Mint leaf tea relieves body aches.
  5. Eliminates phlegm.
  6. Prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood.
  7. Help reduce high blood pressure.
  8. Inhibits the growth of cancer cells.
  9. Eliminates blood emptiness in girls.
  10. Regulates irregular periods in girls.

Almighty God is the creator of the world, with Him is great and forgiving. He has declared mankind as his best artist and created with excellence. Allah has declared mankind as the best of many creations. Mother Firki has beautifully explained in the Qur’an what the problem is when the human race is sick and what should be done for it. The Gach-gala around us works for any disease. Which we can know only by reading the Qur’an of Allah and we find the solution of all problems in the hadith of Allah’s beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The great Creator gave that medicine. Scientists are forced to accept it in the current era. Further, they are amazed that the great creator said everything before and did all the wonderful things Scientists are now looking for what the great creator said hundreds of years ago.

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